Prices are subject to change based on ammunition and weapon availability.
Feel free to look up the current price of ammunition, as this may determine which session to book.

Active Shooter/Active Threat Training – $200
This is a two hour class focusing on community preparedness and awareness.

Basic Firearms – $125
This one-on-one two hour class will provide the basics of firearms with one hour of range time included.

Basic Pistol Safety and Handling – $80
This two hour class will cover the basics of pistol safety and handling.  This is a non-range class, no live ammunition is allowed in the classroom.

Inside the Home Defense – $35
This is a one hour class that covers ways you can protect your family in the home.

Personal Awareness Outside the Home – $35
This one hour class gets you and your family more situationally aware.  As the world around us changes the willingness of people to do harm has become more prevalent.

If you do not have your own firearm and ammunition, range day prices will be dictated by the cost of ammunition.

*A day at the Range with your own weapon is $25 per hour.

*A day at the Range without your own weapons is $65 per hour. This is based on current cost of ammunition.

Simply shooting someone is only part of a problem solved. Does your family have a plan and does each person know their role in that plan?

The preferred method would be a classroom setting to demonstrate the proper handling and maintenance of firearms, however, due to COVID-19 concerns it can be accomplished using Zoom if preferred.
Answering the questions below will help the instructor tailor classes to meet the needs of each student.